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Inked Out Digital Doodle Preset Pack

Doodle of transparent wings outlined in black
Transparent sunflower doodle outlined in black
Doodle of black dots and intersecting lines
Doodle of multiple black hearts outlined in white
Intricate doodle designed flower outlined in black
Doodle of transparent city buildings of varying sizes outlined in black
Doodle of hanging shapes including diamonds, crescent moons, circles, and stars
Doodle of black star outlined in white
Doodle of a galaxy outlined in black and detailed in white including planets and stars
Doodle of three hanging potted plants
Eight photos showing the different designs of the Inked Out doodle pack

When in doubt, get inked out! Kamri's Inked Out Digital Doodle Pack takes your photo to the next level with intricate black and white designs!

Ever look at your pictures before posting and think, “something is missing?” That’s where Digital Doodles come in! Make your Instagram photos stand out from the crowd with Kamri’s newest collection of Digital Doodles: fun easy-to-use digital stickers you can insert on any photo to make more interactive and creative.

Includes 10 Digital Downloads:

  1. Cityscape
  2. Star
  3. Heart Glitter
  4. Hanging Plants
  5. Round Mandala
  6. Moon Phase Garland
  7. Snow
  8. Space
  9. Sunflower
  10. Wings


These digital doodles will help you on your way to having amazing, aesthetic photos, but as every picture has a different composure, please remember that the doodles will not look the same on every photo. You can adjust opacity, sizing, and more to your liking. A little tweaking goes a long way! 

Use #KamriNoelDoodles when posting your edited photos on social media so I can see them!!

How It Works


Once you purchase the doodles, you will receive an email with a link to download them. Please note that you can only download the doodles 1 time. 

For detail instructions on how to use my doodles, watch this video.

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